Intro to Applications for Web Development

Hello and welcome to CIS 162 Applications for Web Development

As part of this course, you will be responsible for creating and maintain your own blog as well as posting to this course blog (as specified in your individual homework assignments). Throughout the semester you will be requested to make topic related posts as these posts will count toward your overall grade.

Please keep in mind that this is a secondary site to your main course site as identified in your course syllabus. Should you have any questions, please be sure to contact me as they come up so that they may be addressed in a timely manner.

I look forward to working with each of you this Spring!

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Interview Question Suggestions (due by midnight on Sunday, March 5)

I would like each of you to use this space to post at least four unique interview questions based on the mock scenario that has been provided to you on the course website.

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Brief Introductions and Contact Information (due by midnight on Sunday, March 5 )

Please use this space to introduce yourself to your classmates. Your introduction should include your name, your current degree/certificate program, your specific field of interest, and your expected month/year of graduation. Please also include the best form (and method) of contact for you. i.e. If you prefer email, include your preferred email address.

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Post-Process Reflection – URL to personal blog (due by midnight on Wednesday, March 15)

Within your individual WordPress site, add a new post dedicated to your Post-Process Reflection. The requirements are as follows:

Please be sure that your Post-Process Reflection is no less than 3 paragraphs long and includes the following:

  • An evaluation of your experience as both the interviewer and interviewee. Be sure to clearly identify your feedback for each role.
  • Identification of your communication tool of choice (email, phone, etc.) and how that may have effected your experience. Would you change this in the future?
  • Explanation of how you approached the design process and how satisfied you are with the end result.
  • Identification of the approximate time you spent on each process / stage.
  • Additional reflective information that would be helpful to yourself or your classmates to consider when conducting a “real” client interview/design approach.

Upon completion of your individual Post-Process Reflection, please reference the direct URL to your post here.

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